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Hybrid dog – Isn’t that just another word for Mutt?

  We hear more every day about hybrid dogs or designer dogs.   Every feature includes photos of cute puppies , which are examples of this "breed". They are adorable!   All dogs are cute!   Do you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get one?   No!   A mating between purebred dogs from different breeds can produce a mongrel or a mutt.   If you have one, it is important to love it, train it, and take care of it like a dog. Each dog breed (and there are many) was created by humans .   Every breed was created for a specific purpose, whether it was to guard the flock or be a lap-dog.   It's not unreasonable to continue this development.   Enterprising people will fill the need for dogs with specific characteristics if there is a demand. It takes many generations for "breeding true." However, you can compare yourself with your siblings.   Do you all share the same looks, personality traits, and interests?   Most likely, no.   Each one of you inherit